Izuminka Fashion Expo

Why Participate in Izuminka?
Izuminka is the fashion expo of the International Peace and Film Festival’s Award ceremony. The festival attracts international filmmakers, producers, vendors and audiences from a broad range of cultures. The festival is free to attend and brings in larger crowds, especially during the award ceremony when models hit the runway, featuring national costumes and local designer collections.

  • Designers are the central feature of Izuminka. National costumes are a standard part of the program with time slots and models assigned to exhibit clothing, jewelry and accessories.
  • As a designer this is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills to future clients, gain media attention and connect with filmmakers from around the world. It’s also a great way to participate in a project that builds peace and cultural exchange for all.
  • Participating designers will be listed as a sponsor of the festival on all official websites. Sponsorship includes logo, press release of your participation and links to your website and contact details.
  • Izuminka and the International Peace & Film Festival do not charge stylists to participate in the show. However, all expenses incurred by the designer for participation in the show are the designer’s responsibility.


Izuminka Details

Designers can apply to be in the show by completing the form below. Once approved, the designers logo will be included in show materials.

Izuminka Designer Registration